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Three Tips to Finding Your Interior Designing and Decorating Styles

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Home décor and design is important because your living space is meant to be your happy place. You know, the sanctuary you return to after an arduous morning of work and exhaustion.

However, finding your décor and design style goes hand-in-hand with self-decorating your home. You don’t want to go off half-cocked. Hence, this article gives you some inspiration on how to find your décor and design styles before you take on the tasks of home renovation.

Flip Through a Magazine—Which Styles are You Drawn to? What Kind of Décor Do You Love?

When you see an image, your brain automatically forms an opinion of whether that image appeals to you or not. This can be said for interior design. Ergo, you should flip through a magazine or online design website to find styles that you are drawn to. Write down décor ideas that you love. Some websites are interactive in that they allow you to pick and place your own design ideas into simulated rooms. No computer access? You can do the same with a memory board, magazines, glue, and a pair of scissors.

Explore Homes via Real Estate Open Houses—Or Take Tours of Loved Ones’ Homes for Inspiration

Most real estate agencies strive to create the perfect atmosphere in homes that are on the marketplace. Of course, not all are furnished, but the décor is still swept, painted, and spiffed up to appeal to your design senses. Take a few tours around modern furnished homes during open houses to get a sense of the interior designs that you’d want to replicate.

Learn About Color Psychology and Build onto Your Tonal Favorites

Color psychology is the direct link between your mind and emotions and the colors you see. For example, some people get happy when they see blue because it reminds them of the oceans, robin’s eggs, other beautiful things found in nature, etc. Whereas, some people are disgusted by the sight of yellow because it reminds them of glaring sunshine, migraines, and other stomach-churning elements.

What’s your favorite color and why? Decide this and then build your interior design tones through color psychologies.

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