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What are the benefits of frequent computer preventive maintenance?

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Unlike curative computer maintenance that only occurs when the failure or incident is there, preventive computer maintenance serves to prevent problems and optimize the operation of the tool. Whatever the business area of the company, good IT management, including a common preventive maintenance policy, has many advantages.

Set up a surveillance system

By ensuring frequent preventive maintenance operations accompanied by enterprise asset management, you limit intrusions and failures and can intervene even before breakdowns or incidents occur: this means less risk of blockages of the activity, which impact the profitability of the company and may even endanger its longevity.

Manage the IT system with relevance

With regular preventive maintenance operations:

– The life of workstations and equipment in general is optimized
– Software redundancies and system errors are detected and corrected
– The IT security of the company is at its maximum level
– The computer system is efficient and available.

Increase the productivity of the company

Thanks to the upstream interventions:

– Incidents such as breakdowns, bugs, delays, but also hackers and virus intrusions are limited: the company has fewer risks of post office and activity blocking.
– Contrary to breakdowns and incidents, the maintenance operations are programmed, avoiding disrupting the work of the teams and the smooth running of the services: thus, one can foresee interventions during the leave of the collaborators or organize themselves to assign them temporarily another post the time of the maintenance operation.
– In the event of an incident, a disaster recovery plan is activated to limit the interruption of service starting from the last backup.

Ensure the security of the company

Performing frequent preventive maintenance operations improves the security level of the company:

– Operating systems, software and antivirus are updated on desktops and servers as new releases become available: IT tools work better, faster, are compatible with the rest of the fleet, and the possibilities intrusion of a virus or hacker into the computer system is reduced.
– Security breaches are detected during interventions and corrective actions taken before an incident occurs.
– Training to raise staff awareness of safe practices and the appropriate use of IT tools, including Internet access, also helps to prevent dangerous behavior and limit the vulnerability of the system to hackers.

Limit IT costs

At first glance, you have the impression that a frequent preventive computer maintenance policy will cost you more than a curative maintenance policy alone. In fact, the opposite is true, and you can see for yourself: all you have to do is compare the cost of frequent preventive maintenance with all the expenses related to the technicians’ interventions in the event of a breakdown. We’re talking about maintenance work order software.

Managing the IT tool well and in particular implementing a preventive maintenance policy is essential for a company. If you do not have the necessary knowledge or the time to take care of it, think about outsourcing: a good management of your computer does not represent an expense, but an investment, and contributes to preserve the durability of your activity.

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