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AIPMT 2015: Two muslim students allowed to wear hijab by the HC

by anik

Muslim students allowed to wear hijab The Central Board of Secondary Education has allowed two Muslim girls to wear headscarves and full-sleeved dresses on the day of the AIPMT re-test, according to a directive by the Kerala High Court. . The exam is scheduled to be held on June 25. This decision came after the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat  and two girls wrote a petition on the ban on hijab, as it is culturally unacceptable to go out in public in a different set of clothes.

The decision has been drawn in favour of Asiya Abdul Karim of Ashokapuram in Kozhikode and Nadha Rahim of Olavakkode in Palakkad. The court has, however, instructed women invigilators to be present with the candidates, half an hour prior to the commencement of the exam.

In the petition filed through advocate PK Ibrahim, Asiya had contended that the new dress code would act as a deterrent for pious Muslim girls from opting for Medical courses. The candidates have thus been allowed to wear headscarves and full-sleeve dresses, only if they report early for a body search by women personnel, the petition had stated.

This step taken by the CBSE is the first time for any competitive exam and has nothing to do with religious clothing. Following the cheating racket across the country, the Board was not ready to leave any loopholes and took this step as a preventive measure.

The restrictions put have not only been limited to the type of clothes the candidates wear, but also on the pattern and colours of the garments. It has been notified that only light coloured clothes should be worn, and there should be no flowers or any other elaborate pattern on the outfit.









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