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German Kitchens- Top 3 Design Tips

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kitchen-display-in-vida-05-panna-gloss-acrylic-with-black-gloss-worktop-units1In the market for that new German Kitchen you’ve wanted for the longest time now? Well, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you get the best possible design that can be delivered to you within your time and budgetary deadline.  There are certain design tips which when provided to your kitchen designer may help them advise you better with the best design for your kitchen in your time and budget and with the best feasibility too.

Three critically important things which you must consider while working on getting your new German Kitchen constructed are:


You need to determine the main function of your kitchen. The function may depend on the usage. Will the kitchen be highly personal to you or are you among the social groups to have friends to entertain every other day or every weekend atleast? Would you like a kitchen that is more intimate to you or something which can help you host a lot more people? Think of when and what for will you be using your kitchen? Mostly, the German kitchens, or any kitchens have three work areas including – preparation, cooking and cleaning or the sink area. Besides, you may want to have a serving or dining area depending on your usage, space and requirement. All these things will play a major role in deciding the layout and design of your kitchen.


How much storage would you need? In German designed kitchens, storage is never an afterthought. Study the German designed kitchens for a considerable amount of time and you are sure to realize that with German designs of kitchens, ergonomics and details are highly important. The aim is mostly to provide to you the best of functional storage while still maintaining the style and aesthetics.

You will require storage for utensils, pots and pans and all of these need to be near the cooking counter. Now it is on you to decide whether or not will you require storage for crockery, cutlery and appliances.

Also, you need to specify any requirements about drawers and cabinets. Having them augmented with special organizers can help you optimize your space while at the same time storing everything in a very clean and tidy manner. You can ask your kitchen designer for any options regarding different typed of materials available for that.


What type of lighting do  you think will you require? A clever use of lighting in your German design kitchen can help make a huge difference in your kitchen area. The two main types of lighting you should think about are:

Task Lighting in food preparation areas is important without doubt but do not overlook the need for lighting inside cabinets etc to help efficient working. Also, incidental or ambient lighting can help create a better mood. You may want a dimmer light if you have a dining area in the kitchen to provide for a softer atmosphere while dining in the kitchen.

Now that you are well aware of the tips you may want to consider regarding you German design kitchen, you should deliver these to your designer alongside your budget and time constraints. They can come up with best suggestions in terms of size, material and equipment to make the best of your German Kitchens in Calgary.

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