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Go the ‘Distance’ and grab an MBA!

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Human tendency is to make the best of everything that is easily available. Doing something out of the way and taking a task to completion is no mean task. Distance education has helped graduates go the distance’ education way and fulfill their ambition of higher education. Education has now become an integral part of every house, crossing all barriers of caste, creed, religion and topography.

Online MBA

Going the ‘distance’ way, learning is now possible online. Among the many online courses, online MBA is the most popular. These courses are offered in many fields. It is basically a two year course with the first year laying a firm foundation in business concepts and the second year concentrating on the specialization chosen by students. The course is imparted through live chat sessions, online video streaming, recorded lectures, e-books, etc. Many universities like Bharathidasan University have facilitated learning for students with online student portals and smartphone applications to aid the learning process. The smartphone applications enable students to access the course materials and e-books at their fingertips.

MBA marketing

An MBA in marketing is the most opted field by both graduates as well as employers. With the advent of technology and online marketing, these enterprises need a specialized marketing team to bring in more and more customers. Marketing management is a unique role in varied topography. Marketing management courses involve topics like marketing management, customer management, operations management, sales management, new product strategy, etc. Communication skills, mathematical skills, ability to convince and please customers, are sought after qualities in a marketing manager. With the introduction of the digital market and e-commerce MBA in marketing has reached greater heights. Almost every sector has something to sell, and hence, the demand for marketing managers is never ending.


Among the various online MBA courses, MBA in Human Resource Management is most sought after as it deals with the most complicated resource of an enterprise, the workforce. HR Management involves studying the laws and policies, staffing and recruitment, attrition, payroll and compensation, training and engagement activities, etc. that are in the best interest of both, the employee and the employer. Graduates with MBA in HR management can fetch job titles like human resource manager, training and development manager, affirmative officer, compensation, and benefits manager, payroll director, etc. As every organization involves manpower, the requirement for an HR graduate is on the rise!

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