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How Digital Performance Excellence Delivers Consumers a Great Summer Experience

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Everyone knows the world is a digital place; there’s no industry that hasn’t been transformed in recent years (or earlier) by the digital revolution. And no matter where you travel this summer vacation, application performance will take you there.

Digital performance is at the heart of making end users happy and satisfied. And what’s more satisfying than a well-earned summer vacation? Consumers today expect a smooth, easy process to plan their getaway so it’s everything they’re hoping for.

Increasingly, this all takes place online. Therefore, app performance is crucial. Not just uptime, but a stellar experience from start to finish for every end user. This summer, Dynatrace ran six U.S.-based travel benchmarksOpens in a new window in the categories of airlines, car rentals, hotels and resorts, online agents, flight search, and hotel search. We also have international travel benchmarks for sites servicing Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain and the U.K.

Our benchmarks look at response time, availability and consistency. Response time is an “over the wire” measure — i.e., how long it takes to download the complete page from various locations across the internet. Availability is more of a measure of success and not so much a measure of up/down of a site. Finally, consistency is a measure of how stable the performance is. We look at standard deviation to give us an indication of site consistency.

Based on numbers from this summer travel season, Alaska Air, Southwest Airlines and Lufthansa lead the airline benchmark in response time. Cathay Pacific and Virgin America led the pack when it came to availability. Every site we measured came in at over a 95 percent success rate. In terms of consistency, US Airways, Virgin America and Southwest Airlines led the field. They understand consumers want a smooth trip online and in-flight.

Data under the benchmarks, the key delivery indicators (KDIs), show us what airlines can do to improve their performance and compete more aggressively by offering customers a better digital experience.

For example, delivering too many objects in a session can slow down the end user’s experience, hampering their ability to book a trip that best meets their needs as efficiently as possible. Many companies like to overload their sites with bells and whistles, but keeping things simple and streamlined leads to the most enjoyable experience.

[ Source :- Emarketingandcommerce ]

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