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How to Make Your Brand Messaging Resonate

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Marketers have a tendency to get stuck in a bubble. Identifying and acting on what the customer wants is at the core of what we do, but sometimes what we think we know eclipses our awareness of what customers actually want. As a result, language and messaging only resonate with others who exist inside that same bubble. Your marketing organization becomes an echo chamber. Meanwhile, valuable potential customers are floating around outside and out-of-reach.

Brand messaging that falls flat is one of the biggest problems facing brands today. It prevents you from forging those meaningful connections that cultivate loyal and long-term customers. Let’s take a look at three ways to create marketing messages that resonate with your true customer, and not just the sales guy down the hall.

Avoid marketing speak
Marketers have their own language. We develop our own lexicon of terms that make perfect sense to us and our co-workers, but make little sense to consumers we’re trying to reach. We create “About Us” pages and product descriptions filled with “marketing speak” and hope that viewers understand. No surprise here, they don’t.

Jargon doesn’t resonate with consumers. It has the opposite effect of frustrating them — they went to that page seeking information, and only found vague and artistic allusions to the product or brand. To create campaigns that actually get your messaging across, use plain English. Resist the impulse to sprinkle industry jargon around and focus on conveying a clear, simple, informative message that anyone can understand.

Emotions matter
Messaging that’s easy to understand is step one. However, for it to have a real impact, it needs to factor in the emotions of the reader. Humans are emotional beings. While we’re also rational, emotion influences what we respond to, what sticks, and how we make decisions. When creating copy, think carefully about what emotions you want to elicit. Joy? Jealousy? Anticipation? Acceptance? Also consider what emotional need your product or brand speaks to. The desire to be more productive? To spend more time with loved ones? To be better dressed?

It’s important to put yourself in the customers shoes and think about how they might be feeling when they receive a message. For example, auction marketplaces have to send people notifications when they’re outbid. Rather than framing the losing bid as a lost opportunity, take a positive stance by reminding them how close they are to winning.

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