Indian girl bumps into Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet on flight. Internet goes crazy

Indian girl meets Timothee Chalamet on economy flight

e have all been in that situation where while travelling by air we dread the experience of sitting in the middle seat. But sometimes, it might just happen that a celebrity sits next to you and turn the journey into the best one of your life.

Something similar happened with this Indian woman, who recently sat next to Call Me By Your star Timothee Chalamet during a three-hour long flight.

Her Twitter thread on the whole experience, which is now going viral, is the most pure thing you will read on the internet today.

Alankrutha took to Twitter to share every single detail of her conversation with the Oscar-nominated star and it is leaving everyone on the internet very…jealous.

In her tweet she expalined that she was sitting in the Economy class of her flight and thought that the person next to her looked like Timothee Chalamet.