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Old Games with a New Face: Final Fantasy Hits Mobile in a Big Way

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The Final Fantasy series used to be exclusive to consoles, but not anymore. From now on, the smartphone owners can jump in on the action and see what the hype is all about. While it’s best to experience such an adventure through your own pair of eyes (and you should strive to do so as soon as you get your hands on a smart device), we’re going to do our best to demonstrate what exactly are the elements that make it so attractive, engaging and fun.

Level up and attain mind-numbing power

The longer you play, the more powerful you become. That’s a neat concept, right? It gets even better; when you reach a new level, you’ll be given all the freedom in the world in terms of how you want to progress in terms of unlocking new abilities. Essentially, it’s you who gets to choose how the whole adventure is going to pan out.

Amass a huge army and duke it out with the opposition

Build a glorious city where only your imagination (and resources) are the limit. Some players like to focus on developing the infrastructure, while others simply want to amass a huge army as quickly as possible. In Final Fantasy 15, it’s you – the player – who gets to make the choice. In fact, the choices is what the game consists of, and only the most virtuous of strategists will prevail.

Play to your strengths and take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses

In the heart of war, no single unit is unbeatable, unless you’re vastly outnumbered. There’s a rock-paper-scissors dynamic going on all the time, and by knowing the strengths and the weaknesses of every unit in the game, you’ll be able to adapt and come up with a counter-strategy to what your opponents are doing. This takes time, but in the end, what is more rewarding than securing a victory based on superior knowledge?

Form alliances with others

Get your group of friends to lend you a helping hand in the heat of battle. Together, you can stand against the forces of evil, trade resources, and discover the hidden treasure that awaits the brave. The game is designed in such a way that cooperation between players is rewarded, so it’s definitely a stimulating environment if you prefer playing a team sport.

Final Fantasy meets strategy

Mixing the RPG elements like leveling with a tried-and-true concept of strategy, undoubtedly yielded a result that gamers all around the world are still able to enjoy to this very day, even though a whole year has passed since Final Fantasy 15’s initial release for the mobile platforms. Wrap it all up by introducing the popular characters from this widely recognizable series, and you’ve got a game that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.


Titles come and go, but the greatest classics stay in people’s hearts forever. Sometimes, all that is needed to tickle the nostalgia is revive them by adding some new gameplay mechanics and dress it all up in fresh graphics, and the gaming crowd is bound to be hooked for months or even years to come. But ultimately, words simply can’t do the real thing any justice. So, have you downloaded your free copy of Final Fantasy 15 yet?

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