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Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Shares 3 Tips on Utilizing Hashtags to Grow Your Brand

by Loknath Das

As part of their ongoing commitment to teach companies how to self-promote, online marketing agency, fishbat, shares three tips on utilizing hashtags to grow your brand.

Social media has changed the very nature of how we communicate with each other and the proliferation of hashtags across social platforms shows how evident this is. Hashtags are no longer seen as merely internet jargon or a trendy marketing buzzword – they have become a vital component of social media marketing. Hashtags can create powerful brand associations, drive engagement, and also perform the essential function of organizing the millions of social media posts published every day.

Successful businesses leverage hashtags to increase social media engagements and strengthen their brand image. If your business is new to social media marketing, read on for three tips on utilizing hashtags to grow your brand.

Getting the most use out of hashtags for your brand means utilizing them on the social media platforms where they will have the most impact. Your brand can use hashtags on all of the major social media platforms of course, but you will see the most engagements with hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. If you utilize these platforms in your social media marketing plan, you should include relevant hashtags within your posts.

Instagram is a visual-heavy platform that has fully embraced hashtags. The platform allows up to thirty hashtags on each post or comment. The ability to use a large number of hashtags is beneficial because studies have shown that Instagram posts with several hashtags get increase amounts of interactions. Be mindful of where you place hashtags on a post; posting thirty hashtags on a post’s caption can create a cluttered and distracting look. Instead, consider posting the image or video with a detailed caption and include the post’s hashtags as a comment under the post.

Hashtags are essential for growing your brand on Twitter. Research suggests that posts with hashtags produce higher rates of engagement versus posts without hashtags. With that being said, there is a limit to the levels of increased engagement. Two hashtags seem to be an excellent amount; more hashtags than two could result in decreased engagement.

Creating a custom hashtag for your brand can be as simple as utilizing your brand’s name. Just start with a pound sign (#) and follow with your brand’s name – no spaces.

It’s also a good idea to create original, custom hashtags for any unique marketing campaigns that your brand runs on social media. If your brand hosts regular contests or giveaways on Twitter or Instagram, try to come up with a hashtag that can accompany these promotions.

Not only will these custom hashtags create a stronger brand association among your followers, they will also leave a unique footprint on social media. When users search for your custom hashtags, they will presented your business’ posts in addition to valuable user-generated content that can help reinforce your brand’s message.

Whether you are just starting your brand’s social media journey, or you consider yourself a social media guru, it can be beneficial to take advantage of popular unbranded hashtags like #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayInspiration and #ThrowbackThursday. Social media platforms are essentially ongoing conversations with billions of people from around the globe and your brand should be an active part of the dialogue.

Not sure where to start? Check out the trending topics on Twitter to listen in on what people are saying and dive in. Be sure to include your brand’s custom hashtag along with the unbranded one to reinforce your brand’s online recognition and drive engagement.

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