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Preparation strategy for NEET examination

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The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET-UG) is a competitive exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for aspirants seeking admission to UG MBBS and BDS course all over India. Nearly 10 lakh of students appear for the NEET examination. With the cutthroat competition in NEET, one needs to be well-prepared in order to get into a top medical college across the country. The syllabus has around 13,000 or more concepts, which is too vast to complete in a year. The examination requires not just hard work, but also the right technique to clear it. It is necessary to learn the right methodology if you want to crack the paper. So, here are few strategic tips which need to be followed if one desires to crack the NEETexam:

(i) Stick as per the Syllabus: We already know the vastness of the syllabus and it would be a tedious process if one goes off track. Therefore in order to cover up the syllabus, individuals need to stick to the syllabus provided for the examination. Also, cut down on extra information and focus on important topics.

(ii) Best material for preparation: The most important element to prepare for the examination is the study material. Aspirants require the right study material to prepare for the examination. There are different online courses and educational applications through which students can prepare for their examination.One such application is Byju’s, which is favoured by thousands of students in the past few years. This not only makes students a sequential study material but also makes them build their concepts visually by the method of studying through video lectures.

(iii) Study timetable is a must: Timetable can assist aspirants to plan and follow a disciplined life. It will also help candidates to create a sense of seriousness. Hence, create a realistic schedule which can be followed for your preparation. Also, remember to take small breaks in between. We are humans not machines; hence, we cannot study efficiently for a very long duration. Thus, take optimum breaks in between to refresh yourself which can be in the form of a ten-minute walk, a small nap to carry out your preparation in a best possible manner.

(iv) Practice mock test: “Practice is the key to success.” Students can practice mock tests in order to boost their confidence for the examination. Mock test is a replica of the original paper which students can practice. This would definitely help them by giving an idea about the question pattern, difficulty of examination and weightage of a topic in the exam. Through mocks, one can also analyze their weak and strong sections.

(v) Be positive: Positivity is Imperative. The effectiveness of the learning process is solely decided by the approach one takes for their studies. The attitude one has also affects the preparation. A grumbling approach can make things really difficult whereas staying calm and showing great positive behavior can easily develop a right track for learning and open to a great learning experience.

(vi) Take care of your health: It is really crucial to have a healthy state of body and mind balance. Have a proper balanced life. Take proper sleep rather than studying all night. This will make your mind more productive and happier. Also, practice meditation and yoga to improve your concentration.

These were some really important strategic tips that an individual must follow for the preparation of CBSENEETexamination.

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