Sony’s Streaming Service PlayStation Vue Is Now Available For Chromecast, But App Is Only For iOS

Sony's Streaming Service PlayStation Vue Is Now Available For Chromecast, But Only For iOS

There are no shortages of streaming services available to the modern TV and movie viewer. And while we probably stream the most on our laptops, phones and tablets, we all know that watching series like Jessica Jones or Transparent is the best when sitting in front of our TV screens.

While some use their Xbox or PS4 consoles to do so, and others use their smart TVs, those who don’t have these options can simply plug in Google’s Chromecast HDMI dongle for all their right-to-their-TV streaming needs.

And now Chromecast users will be able to stream content from yet another service, Sony’s PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation announced in a tweet on Dec. 15 that PS Vue is now available for Chromecast, as the company continues to expand accessibility of its platform.

The streaming service first launched on the PS3 and PS4, and is also compatible for the iPhone and iPad. Last month PS Vue launched on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick, and announced that Chromecast support would be coming soon to bring the total amount of supported devices up to seven.

Making good on its promise, now that Sony’s streaming service is available on Chromecast, some may assume that Android users will be able to get in on the action. However, shockingly, PS Vue is not available on Android devices, and will only work with iOS.

This is because PS Vue’s app is currently only available for iOS (and Amazon Fire TV), not for Android. It seems ironic that the service would come to a Google product, but not Google’s most popular platform.

(Photo : Google)

Still, with the PS Vue expansion for Chromecast, those who have an iPhone or iPad and subscribe to Sony’s streaming service will now be able to stream content directly from their TV using the affordable $35 stick.

Sony launched PlayStation Vue last October. The set-top streaming service starts at $50 per month, and allows customers to stream content from 60 different channels like CNN and NBC. Sony also closed a deal last month to add stations like ABC, Disney and ESPN to its streaming platform, adding 20 new channels to its lineup.