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Tips about blogging on Instagram

by Loknath Das

In this article, we will give you some tips about blogging on Instagram. Obviously, we cannot tell you everything about Instagram in just one article, but we will do our best to highlight the most essential tips to adequately blog on Instagram. We will start with what you should do with the text space you got. Next, we will talk about how you can create a photo album on Instagram, which is a very important aspect of your account. Thirdly we will give you tips on content creation.  After that, we have some tips on how to maintain and promote your Instagram account. Lastly, we will talk about how to make a book blog on Instagram.

A few tips on writing on Instagram

Whenever you post something on Instagram you need to make sure that you give a large block of information. You can never ever post an empty canvas! Remember this. You also need to break the message into essential pieces. Keep the following rule: One paragraph – one thought. And do this with a line break. Remember that there should be no space at the end of the phrase.

If you have trouble with inspiration or remembering where you wanted to talk about, you should consider to either use notepad or notes on your phone to write small notes for ideas every time something pops up in your head. By doing this you will make it yourself a lot easier to format your posts. You just have to write – copy, insert emoji in the part where it is an essential emphasis. And the emojis can also help you to make up lists.

Another essential tip for writing: If you ever have so much text that it does not fit properly, type the remaining thoughts in a regular editor, take a screenshot and add to the gallery together with the primary picture.

Remember the golden rule: ”Write naturally, inspiring, even if you have a complicated and dangerous topic.”

How to create a photo album for Instagram

Visual perception of your Instagram page plays a significant role in its development. Still, Instagram remains a network for visual media. Buy Instagram comments to increase your credibility as an artist. To make a beautiful picture is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing to study the theory of composition, lighting and a lot of practice. There are free mobile photography lessons on the Internet. View pages of famous companies or people and notice interesting details.

It is better to post pictures every day, one or two during the activity of your target audience. Try to identify this part of the day with a practical method, publishing during the week at different hours: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. The results of the experiment are well seen in the statistics of the account. The button is located in the upper right corner.

Content Creation Tips

  • Look for unfamiliar angles. Any object will look unusual and beautiful if you approach the matter with fantasy.
  • Process images in the same style: color, image and text sequence (chess format), frames.
  • Do not overload the picture. It should have one main idea.
  • Products and landscapes dilute portraits of people, animals.
  • Take multiple shots at once. They will come in handy on the day when shooting is not possible.
  • Use backgrounds, decorations. It could be anything. Even an old sweater, if only it is photogenic.
  • Stroll through the city, coffee shops, parks, to catch unusual and beautiful moments in the collection of materials for the posts.

Successful applications for picture development:

  • Vsco cam
  • Snapseed
  • Diptic

Do not forget about the useful tools of video and Instagram story. Both the first and second are popular among users and advertisers. The Instagram videos are short, but make up a plot or a logical sequence for them. Look for unusual angles, break the shot frames of the surrounding reality, details. Add the right music.

Another tip on maintaining and promoting an account

If your ultimate goal is monetization, be sure to go beyond your audience and profile. To find new followers it is sometimes enough to write regularly insightful comments on posts on more well-known pages.

Also, do not leave the questions of your followers unanswered. Put a moderate amount of hashtags with your post. Check out your competitors and invent your personal hashtags that you can write together with each post.

How to make a book blog on Instagram

Such profiles can create stories of book lovers. This direction is now gaining momentum. These pages are especially loved by enthusiastic readers. The account maintenance itself is not much different from any other. The requirements are the same: a beautiful visual series, edited, readable, exciting text.

What you can write about:

  • Feedback on the work.
  • A story about the novelties.
  • Moments from the biography of writers.
  • Myths associated with any publications.
  • News.
  • The roles in books.
  • Reading techniques.
  • Congratulations on the different holidays.
  • And much more.

Photo series depends entirely on the fantasy of the page creator. There are various ideas with beautiful objects, scenes, unusual angles,…

Book, as well as the rest, is monetized. If you lead it with a soul and you already have at least a thousand followers, write to the publishing house with a proposal for cooperation. Tell about yourself, give a link to the profile, show the statistical data and tell them with what conditions you want to work with. Participate in contests, write specific hashtags, thematically related to your work.


We told you how to start and adequately blog on Instagram, we looked at topics for its maintenance. This article does not cover all the secrets of this social network, but we gave essential tips. Using them, you will be able to master the social media networking site called Instagram.


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