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What’s the latest buzz around you, have a look at a few

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By rising inclination of this generation towards clicking good pictures and getting clicked in good ones, the demand for DSLR cameras has picked up. But equally important are the storage needs for photos, for which we require a reliable and sufficient storage device. To meet this need, Sony India has brought up XQD memory cards and SD storage cards for the people who are considered as professional photographers who use high speed DSLR cameras. The range starts from Rs 3500 and goes to Rs 14500 but we can be assured of a good deal through Snapdeal today’s offers. Apart from the card it has launched the worlds first XQD memory card and SD card reader. The MRW-E90 which is amazingly fast as it can backup 64GB of data in just 3 minutes and can transfer data at a speed of up to 440 MB/s (read) and 150MB/s (write).

 Also the cards the dust and X-ray proof and anti-static and also the deleted pictures & videos can be recovered by the File rescue software. So that is what really makes them durable and reliable as everyone knows the worth of memories in those pictures.

Microsoft brings for China Special windows 10 editions

It is time to cheer for state and government departments in China as keeping in mind the requirements of some extra security features mandated by the government of China, the American software giant Microsoft has brought special edition of its flagship operating system Windows.

Both the government of China and Microsoft worked in collaboration for this to deploy and provide support services as well for Chinese state owned agencies and government agencies using the windows 10 software. China represents as a major market for Microsoft’s products and services and so this customized gesture is no big surprise. The objective from the government’s perspective was to encourage the use of energy saving products and discourage the use of products which consume more energy and hence banned Windows 8.

Your smart phone is your 3D printer now.

This gadget named OLO which is battery operated and portable, designed by a US based company use the light from your touch screen to process the plastic creations. All you have to do is to load a schematic of the object into the OLO mobile app and fit your phones into the base of this device. It has a polarized glass which takes light from your phone screen light up by a specific pattern from the app and redirects it using the photo polymer colored resin bottles. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Well this amazing device will hit the markets in September and is as of now priced at $99 and we can expect sooner this will be available in India and we may get them online at much lower prices using Flipkart electronics coupon code so hold on to your nerves until this piece of human innovation comes into your hands and then you will be able to experience the might of this thing in your hand known as a smart phone.

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