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Fashion Blogging And How It Has Gone Wrong In India

by Loknath Das

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Fashion Blogging has today become the norm of the day as we see every other modelling/acting/designing aspirant or college student flocking onto this field.

Even as some alleged ‘Fashion Bloggers’ have made it huge online today, particularly influencing about 41% millennials, the real question is how many of them really deserve all that fame?

While some of us here have real-life problems like getting to work on time every morning and actually doing something productive and relevant, fashion bloggers today are not even providing proper entertainment and recess to the eyes, let alone adding something of significance to the fashion industry.


Showcasing a life that is too good to be true, they are in fact those people who give a huge complex to other ordinary folks like themselves as also pointed out by FAME CheRRy in 2015.

When in reality, they do nothing of tangible worth, they certainly do act like some high-end oh-so-cool fashionista right after gaining a few thousand followers online by:

a) Changing their private profile to a public one and giving themselves the label of ‘a fashion blogger’ or apparently, an ‘influencer’.

b) Spamming more than 1000 pictures from photo shoots done using a lot of makeup, money, lights and cameras. Such people are doing no good to the society by adding even more pretence to the world which is already reeking of fake smiles and fake confidence and everything sham.

Kritika Khurana

Today’s Indian fashion bloggers have made it seem like followers and photo shoots are all it takes to become somebody respectable in current times, while talent and hard work are secondary.


They say they’re experimenting with fashion, but from what I see, half of their posts are advertisements that they’ve signed up with, which they’ve received due to their seeming popularity.

Most of the other half is filled with photos and vlogs of the said ‘fashion blogger’ trying their hand at everything, swinging from acting, to singing, to travel blogging, and probably anything that might just make their luck click and make them popular, but still not adding anything worthwhile to any of these industries.

Nearly all of them experiment with such clothes that the majority of us won’t be willing to wear, or won’t be able to carry because firstly we do not have the pluck to go against society on a daily basis, and secondly, we do not have thousands of blind followers who will literally like anything that we wear or do.

Komal Pandey, the “fashion blogger”, actor, singer and the list goes on

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And this is what brings me to my next argument,


A true fashion blogger would want to bring out the best and trendiest side of everybody, not creating rebels who just blindly follow such fashion icons without thinking whether what they saw online will look good on them.

Every individual is a different person altogether and what they wear should be consistent with the personality they portray.

We meet people every day who are wearing stuff which literally doesn’t look good on them, bragging about the fact that they’re wearing exactly what so-and-so fashion blogger wore.

I’m not saying there’s nothing right with fashion blogging. Of course, there are a few bloggers who have what it takes to call themselves a true ‘fashion blogger’.

Through their take on fashion they’ve made us feel more confident and accepting of ourselves. For those of us who don’t have a great fashion sense, few of these relevant fashion bloggers have also made life easier.

However, that’s just a thin minority of the whole bunch of them. Majority of them have a packed and hectic schedule of glorifying themselves and their beauty. Fashion blogging has gone all wrong.


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