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Picking the Right Drone for your Family’s Entertainment

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Drones are a lot of fun when used properly. Some are kid-friendly and when you want the whole family to participate in the fun of flying one, you have to be sure that everyone can control it well. Crashing a drone can lead to costly repairs, as some drone stores will point out. Replacement parts plus the cost of labor can actually cost more than the initial purchase of the drone, in some cases. Below are a few tips for selecting the right drone for your family.

Inspect Durability

When children will be flying the family drone, it is important that it is durable and can withstand a few crashes. Children may not be able to control the drone as well as an adult can, and crashes are likely to occur. Any time that a child is operating a drone, he or she should be supervised. Some models allow for an additional remote control device to be used to save the drone in case of user mishandling.

View Warranties Completely

Written and implied warranties are difficult to understand. Before purchasing a drone for your family, view those warranties and ask questions about exactly what is covered. Accidents happen, and some warranties will cover repairs from accidental crashes. Most warranties cover device malfunctions or safety concerns only. Always read the fine print within any warranty.

Test Several Options

Visit a drone store that allows you to test several products before making a decision. This also helps you get a feel for how the drone handles and how sensitive the controls are. You will be able to determine which features and benefits of the device are ideal for its intended use. If you wish to record family outings, choose an option with a high-resolution recording option. You should also consider an option that weatherproofs the drone as the electrical equipment inside the drone can malfunction, short or be completely ruined when exposed to water or inclement weather.

Inquire about Usage Training Classes

You may be able to enroll in a drone flying training course to help you prevent major disasters when flying the device for the first time. The training course should be attended by anyone in the family that intends on flying the device. These courses go over safety regulations, licensing and proper use of a drone.

Closing Thoughts

While some drones are used for official business and deliveries, the main purpose is for entertainment. Some drone models require licensing and FAA approval before they can legally be flown. It is important to remember not to invade anyone’s privacy by recording them or taking photos without permission as that can actually lead to criminal charges. Have fun with your family using the drone, while making sure safety is always put first.

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