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Save Time and Energy in Your Household with Air from Leaf Technologies

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Switch off the fan and lights using your smartphone. Turn your geyser on, on the way home so your hot shower is waiting for you when you reach. Reach home after a long day with the AC set already to the right temperature for you. Did you hear that right? Yes, you did. In fact it is much more than that. With Air, the smart home automation system, your smartphone can be the remote control to all the electrical devices in your home.

About Air

Air is a device designed and developed by Leaf Technologies, a startup founded by IIT Mumbai Alumni. Air is the realization of a revolutionary idea which offers tremendous help in today’s world. Once you place the order, the company’s team will set up Air in your home on the desired date, in a 30-minute installation period. After providing Wi-Fi and power supply, Air is all set to serve you. Using the Air app on your phone, you will have control over your household devices or appliances at your fingertips through your Smartphone. Air works intelligently and is very efficient in day-to-day life. The greatest advantage is that implementing Air does not involve any rewiring.

How Does Air work?

There are two units in this unique smart system. For starters, there’s the sleek pentagonal device of classy design called Air, which goes on your wall. Then there are switchboard modules which can be easily placed behind the switchboard. The switchboard modules connect your appliances to Air via Bluetooth. Through the Android Air App which co-ordinates with the Air device, you can control your household devices anytime, from anywhere in the world. This saves energy as your devices are switched on only when it is actually required. And well, it saves your energy consumption too!

There’s more to the magic of Air: the sensors. Air can sense temperature, humidity, brightness and motion.


Why Do You Deserve Air?


If you’re a couch potato, Air is your best friend. You can control all the appliances in your house while sitting on your neighbor’s couch. You can bid adieu to the AC remote and stop using the geyser switches as Air takes the world “control” to a whole new level.

If you are the type of person who believes in setting the right ambience for each mood, you just have to try out Air. With its inbuilt dimmable units, Air allows you to control the intensity of the lights in your room through the app.

This is arguably one of the best features in Air. It detects your presence through the motion sensors and adjusts settings (like temperature of AC) according to your preference when you walk into a room.

Air sets the burglar alarm by sensing unscheduled activity as well as through the motion sensor
Prevents voltage fluctuation as the switchboard module acts like a fuse. Keeps your child safe from certain appliances like hot geyser, etc. because of  the feature that allows users to  ‘lock’ appliances

Energy Saver

Air controls the energy usage of top power consuming devices by turning it off while you are away. This feature alone makes Air one of the best methods available to cut down on your energy usage. Another interesting feature is that it keeps you updated on your energy consumption and also lets you know the top three electricity consuming devices in your house. Thus, you will have an idea about which all appliances are taking up maximum electricity. This can help you to plan efficiently.


Never before was there a methodology or a product that could fit into your surroundings as if it were made for your home. Air takes 21 days to understand and learn from your surroundings. After this period it controls your appliances after understanding your routine and usage patterns. This feature is aptly named the Magic touch.

To conclude, Air is a New Age Technology which is smart in its performance, classy in appearance and practically efficient in its day-to-day usage. And what’s more, it acts as an energy saver, which makes it a potential solution to the greatest threat affecting our lives in the modern world. The safety features takes Air into a league of its own.

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