How to Keep Stress Away As You Prepare for JEE


The life of a student can never be deprived of examinations and test. Students have to face various tests throughout their entire lives. When it comes to JEE Main, every students needs to take special care about their study. Most of the students suffer from stress factor during this preparation segment. Here, in this blog, some tips and techniques are mentioned to deal with excessive stress. Remember, one may become confused at the very time of performance due to this stress. So, go through this blog thoroughly in order to lessen your stress before appearing in JEE Main 2016.

  1. Meditate Regularly

Undoubtedly, a candidate of JEE Main would become anxious during his/her preparation phase which may ruin his/her exam. Therefore, meditation should be done on a regular basis. It would certainly help you in staying calm and composed. You may become disappointed after getting bad marks in your mock test. Remember, mock test is not everything for getting good rank in JEE Advanced 2016. Meditation will increase with positivity and also help in boosting your skill of reasoning and memory.

  1. Stay Motivated and Energetic

If you want to get success in JEE Advanced, you have to stay motivated. Motivation has the prowess to keep aside your stress. Positive thoughts and feelings can only be induced with the help of motivation and energy. You may check out JEE Advanced analysis 2015 for enhancing your motivation level. It will strengthen your will power. Make your mind to get victory over this toughest entrance exam of India.

  1. Consume Healthy Food

Most of the students forget to take good care of their diet during exam. You have to keep in mind that compromising with diet would mean compromising with your performance. Always take balanced diet otherwise; you would not be successful in getting a good grip over the huge JEE Advanced Syllabus. It is essential to strengthen your immunity before any examination. Never skip meals due to the pressure of exam.

  1. Daily Exercise is Needed

Along with consuming healthy food, a JEE candidate needs to do exercise on a regular basis. It would be better if you continue exercising five days a week. Give one hour in this session. Obviously, your energy level, brain power and metabolism will be boosted up by it. You will also be given natural energy before appearing in JEE Advanced 2016. Most importantly, your stress will be melted away by following regular exercise.

  1. Proper Sleeping

It would be foolish if you keep cutting off your sleep schedule after getting bad ranking from JEE Advanced rank predictor. Adequate sleep is one of the essential aspects for keeping away stress. You can stay much more focused if you provide proper rest to your brain and mind. In addition, it is also very important to take breaks after a long time study. Never give up your recreational and social activities for the fever of exam.

  1. Drink Adequate Proportion of Water

One should keep in mind that fatigue can be caused by dehydration which occurs due to insufficient consumption of water. It is vital for an adult to take ten to twelve glasses of water per day. Before appearing any competitive exam, you need to be very careful about it. Intake adequate water regularly for staying healthy, wealthy and wise before exam.

  1. Take Energy Drinks

Do you take energy drinks everyday? If yes, you should not skin it on the very day of exam. Caffeine or energy drinks work as stimulants in most of the people. Such drinks can be consumed for keeping aside stress, headache etc. However, energy drinks like Red Bull ought not to take before the exam day.