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The Evidence Has Been Found That Birthmarks Are How We Died In Our Past Life

by Loknath Das

are birthmarks how you died in your past life

Ever wonder why you have a birthmark on your face or that one person in your family has birthmarks on their hand? This blog article takes a more scientific approach to the idea of how we die in our past lives, and investigates how birthmarks could be a form of identification.

Overview of the Theory

The idea that birthmarks are a way of communicating with our past lives is gaining popularity in the world of psychology. This theory is based on the belief that birthmarks, like other physical characteristics, are a result of our past lives. Birthmarks can be a sign that we have died in a previous life, and they serve as a reminder of our experiences.

What is a Birthmark?

Birthmarks are usually benign, but they can also be a sign of a past life. Some birthmarks are associated with certain diseases, such as leukemia and melanoma. Birthmarks can also be a sign of a past life as a vampire or werewolf. Birthmarks are believed to be how we died in our past life.

How do we know someone died, and how can that be linked to a birthmark?

Believe it or not, there is some evidence to suggest that birthmarks may in fact be a sign of a past life. People with birthmarks have often been told that they died in a past life and as such, it’s not uncommon for them to connect the dots and wonder if this is true. Here’s how it works. Birthmarks are commonly associated with certain diseases and injuries. For example, varicose veins often show up on the legs after someone has had a lot of blood drawn, which can symbolize a time when the person was bleeding out. Similarly, birth marks from surgery (like scars) are often linked to past lives where that person had to go through that experience again. So far, this theory has only been tested on a small scale and it’s still up for debate whether or not birthmarks actually mark our deaths in our past lives. But if this idea proves correct, it could lead to some pretty interesting discoveries about human behavior and healing.

What are the Possible Causes for Birthmarks?

Birthmarks are a relatively common occurrence, and can be caused by a variety of different things. Some birthmarks are simply the result of skin cancer or other genetic mutations, while others may be the result of infections or even injury. Most birthmarks are benign, but there is still no agreed-upon explanation for their creation. Some believe that birthmarks are how we died in our past life – either because they represent a physical manifestation of some negative event, or because they attract negative energy. Whatever the reason, birthmarks can be slightly unsettling – they’re like little reminders that we’re not always in control. But at the same time, they offer a unique perspective on our lives and the people around us.

How Can You Respect Your Past Life?

Every day, we are living our current life and making choices that will determine our future. However, because we cannot see our past lives, most of us don’t realize the influence our decisions have had on other people. Our past lives are all around us- in the people we know, the places we’ve been, and the things we’ve done. Although it may be difficult to believe, our past lives have a big impact on our present and future. When we make choices that harm others or ourselves, we are harming our past life. For example, if you steal from someone, you are harming your past life as a thief. If you hit someone with your car, you are harming your past life as a reckless driver. These types of harmful actions have consequences in our present and future lives- sometimes they lead to negative outcomes like getting into trouble at work or being sued, but more often than not they lead to negative karma. Karma is an important concept in Hinduism and Buddhism and is the sum total of our good and bad deeds in previous lives. Every action has a consequence- good or bad- and over time this consequences pile up until something significant happens. This significant event is


The evidence has been found and it points to birthmarks as a sign that we have died in our past life. Birthmarks are one of the few physical signs left from our previous lives, and they offer us a window into our soul. By understanding what birthmarks represent, we can gain insights into our own spiritual journey and learn more about ourselves. So if you’re curious about your birthmark or if you’ve been troubled by its meaning for some time, I encourage you to read on for more information.

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