What Are The Recruitment Centers And What Is Their Process To Recruit Candidates

As we all know the key to the success of a company is intelligent and hardworking employees. In the recruitment process, a candidate has to go through many tests and interviews for the assessment of his mental abilities and knowledge, these tests and interviews are taken to ensure that only intelligent, hardworking, and deserving employees shall be selected. If these tests and interviews shall not be taken, there shall be no valid basis to select any candidate, these interviews and tests provide a valid basis to select a candidate on basis of his or her performance in interviews and tests.

Nowadays, employees for different companies are recruited by the recruitment assessment centre. These are the centres where candidates apply for the assessment of their abilities through various tests and interviews taken by these centres. In these centres, a process is followed to recruit candidates or employees.

The following is the process followed at recruitment centres to recruit the candidates for different companies:

  • The first step in the recruitment process is the screening of questions. The candidate shall be required to answer all the screened questions. These questions can be any of the following:
  1. If you are being recruited for an international job, say England, in such a case you shall be asked questions like whether you have a passport or not, whether you have a work permit to work in England or not, whether you have a valid visa or not. The candidate shall be required to satisfy all these questions with valid documents. The oral answer to these questions shall not be considered valid.
  2. Whether you have an interest in the particular industry for which you are applying.If you answer yes to this question then you shall be asked further questions related to the applied job field.
  3. Whether you know to operate a computer or not. The world has become a computerized world, it is very important to know how to operate a computer. You might also be asked some technology-related questions.
  • In the next step, you will be asked by the recruiter to submit a CV. CV stands for curriculum vitae. In your CV you will be required to provide your all personal details, qualifications, experiences, hobbies, etc. On the basis of your CV, you will be asked the following questions:
  1. Your personal details shall be verified by the recruiter by asking some personal questions.
  2. You will also be asked some questions related to your field in which you have completed your education.
  3. If you have mentioned any previous job experience in your CV, in such a case you shall be asked questions related to your previous job like why did you resign from your previous job? what was your pay at a previous job? The number of years you served in your previous job? The experience you have gained from your previous job.

The answers provided by you in your CV shall be assessed by the recruiter against the predefined criteria related to the role of the job.

  • In the recruitment process, psychometric tests shall also be taken. In the psychometric tests, the candidate will have to go through a series of questions for the assessment of his or her mental abilities. The candidate shall be asked the following types of questions for the assessment of his or her abilities.
  1. A candidate shall be asked questions related to his or her achievements.
  2. How good a candidate is at words shall be assessed by asking the situational questions.
  3. The decision-making abilities of a candidate shall be assessed by asking him puzzling questions.
  4. Logical reasoning related questions shall also be asked.
  • The candidates will also have to go through various interviews. These interviews will include the following steps:
    1. In the first step, candidates will have to appear in a written test. In this test questions shall be picked from the syllabus of the field of the candidate to assess the knowledge the candidate has gained during his or her education.
    2. After clearing the first step, the candidate shall be moved to the GD round. In this round, all candidates shall be given different topics to represent. These topics can be general topics as well as technical topics. During this round, the communication and presentation skills of a candidate shall be assessed.
    3. After clearing the GD round, the candidate shall be moved to the next step I.e. a technical interview. In the technical interview, the candidate shall be asked some technical questions like how to work on MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
    4. After the technical interview, the candidate will have to appear in the final interview. The final interview may be taken by the employer of the company. After clearing the final interview the job shall be assigned to the candidate who clears all the tests and the interviews.

This is the recruitment process that is followed in a recruitment assessment centre. These recruitment centres are very beneficial for companies as well as the candidates.

The following are some of the benefits of recruitment centres:

  • These centres provide opportunities for intelligent candidates to grab a job in large multi-national companies.
  • The companies will not have to spend on the recruitment of the candidate and employees. The companies can easily hire the candidates as employees of the companies recruited by the recruitment centres.
  • The companies looking for candidates with high potential assessments can easily get such candidates through these recruitment centres.
  • The companies can save their cost by hiring the candidate recruited by these centres and not spending any amount on the recruitment of the candidates by themselves.

The points mentioned above are some of the benefits of recruitment centres. These recruitment centres are easily available in all cities. However, if you do not any recruitment centre near you then you can also search for it online on the web. A candidate can also apply for his or her recruitment online from the websites of these recruitment centres. In short, these centres are beneficial for both companies as well as candidates.