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When is the Best Time to Buy Laptops? Your Complete Shopping Guide

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The Best Time to Buy a Laptop - Clark Howard

If you’re interested in upgrading computers, you always need to find the best deals. When you’re in the market for a new laptop, there are always certain times that are better than others for saving some cash and getting the ideal purchase. 

So what steps go into this laptop purchase?

Read on to learn more about the best time to buy laptops, and advice on finding exactly what you need. 

How Are You Going to Use the Laptop?

First things first, you need to assess how you plan to use the laptop. By understanding this up front, you’ll know where to focus when you’re searching for price and model options. 

When you’re researching laptops, start with these tips:

  1. Consider the Storage You Need

You should always consider your storage needs before purchasing a new laptop. The hard drive space makes a big difference and will be predicated on how you use the computer. 

For instance, someone that just needs a few word processing tools and to browse the web can easily get by with a smaller hard drive. A person looking to edit video content or podcasts will need a much larger hard drive. 

This doesn’t have to be the end-all, be-all, fresh out of the box, because you can always upgrade your hard drive space to add more data later. 

  1. Look Into Specs Like RAM and CPU

If you’re going to purchase a new laptop, make sure you start with the specs. There are several specs that come with a laptop, but the Random Access Memory (RAM) and CPU are among the most important. 

The RAM plays a role in how fast do computer runs because it dictates how quickly you can retrieve information. You will require different amounts of RAM depending on what kind of process is you plan on carrying out.

You’ll typically buy laptops with RAM between 2 GB and more than 32 GB, so shop around and figure out what you need. 

The RAM is also referred to as the memory. If you only need to do some light applications, you can get away with 2GB. 4 gigabytes of RAM will suit you if you need a basic laptop that is no-frills and inexpensive.

Once you start to look into top-of-the-line laptop or gaming computers, you should start shopping around for 8 GB of RAM or better. Typically, 16 GB and up are reserved for desktop computers.

The CPU is the part of the computer that carries out the instructions. As you might imagine, this is foundational for your laptop and will dictate a lot about how the computer runs. Brush up on CPU specs so that you are purchasing what you need based on how you plan to use the computer.

  1. Figure Out What Kind of Graphics Card and Other Peripherals You Require

Graphics cards are integral and a big part of the bells and whistles that come with your laptop. You’ll definitely need a high-powered graphics card if your laptop is for gaming or intensive video performance. 

There are some signature graphics cards on the market that you’ll want to look into. 

  1. Consider the Operating System

Of course, you should play around with some operating systems (OS) to see which you prefer. This will typically mean choosing Windows, Chrome, or the macOS platform. 

Many people love the macOS platform because of its ease of use and constant updates. Each has its differences and nuances, so always test it out before purchasing a laptop that you plan to use for the long-term. 

  1. Determine Whether You Need a Brand New or Refurbished Model

You’ll be able to look into several new or refurbished options, so determine if this is a deal-breaker for you. 

Finding a new laptop for $500 and under shouldn’t be a problem. However, many brand new laptops cost well over $1,000. You can get a refurbished model that works as good as new, but for several hundred dollars off of the price tag. 

Figure out your price range so that you get a deal that fits your budget. 

Consider Some Great Times to Buy a Laptop

So when are the best tips to purchase a laptop? Below are some sweet spots that you should key in on:

  1. Back to School Specials

Back to school specials, without a doubt, are one of the best times to purchase a new laptop. This is when retailers are marketing to students of all ages and levels. You will be able to find promotions that let you get a laptop without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Check out these deals with electronics stores and online retailers. You can use online promotion codes and get a brand new laptop you built from scratch sent to your doorstep ASAP.

  1. Black Friday

Of course, Black Friday is the ultimate when it comes to finding deals and promotions. Most recently, more than 84 million people shopped on Black Friday. 

This is the Friday directly after Thanksgiving. However, since this is a time that people go crazy over, plan to show up at the store as early as possible. It is not uncommon to see people camping out outside of stores right after Thanksgiving dinner.

This is when stores put out tremendous, sometimes hard to believe discounts that you will not get any other time of year. Shopping Black Friday is perfect whether you are buying a new laptop for yourself or getting an early jump on Christmas shopping.

  1. Cyber Monday Deals

If you miss Black Friday — Cyber Monday is right around the corner. This is a strictly online promotion that happens the Monday directly after Thanksgiving.

Retailers and manufacturers rake in close to $10 billion on Cyber Monday. Whether you prefer Apple computers, lowe’s or any other brands, you will have no problem finding new laptops on Cyber they had a tremendous discount.

  1. After an Unveiling Event

You’ve probably tuned in to an unveiling of a new video game system, such as the PlayStation 5 craze that announced the launch of preorders. Today, laptop manufacturers do the same for the new products that they roll out to the market. 

Apple’s events draw in a lot of eyeballs all over the web. This year, they allowed Twitter users to subscribe so that they’d be immediately notified when the event starts. The unveiling of the newest Macbook Pro is always one of the highlights of these events. 

It is at these events that you will learn all of the specs, the price range, and a demonstration of the computer in action. You’ll also learn about its release date and what other products you can pair with it. 

If you like Lenovo laptops, stay tuned to lenovo.com so you don’t miss their big product announcements. 

  1. Check Out the Holiday Season Deals

The holiday season is the time of year where you treat yourself and others. As such, there are several deals to be found all over the web and in stores. 

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can pretty much say that it’s Christmas season. Once December rolls around you will find brand new discounts and promotions all over the web and brick and mortar stores. You can pick up a sweet laptop or any other electronics you see fit. 

  1. Look For Something Around Tax Time

Tax time doesn’t have to be a drain. In fact, it can even be a come-up for people looking to purchase a new laptop. 

If you are expecting a nice-sized tax refund, why not invest it in a laptop that will serve you for several years? This is money well-spent and will help you find the laptop of your dreams. 

Several retailers recognize this and offer promotions to coincide with tax time. 

  1. Stay Tuned to Deals Throughout the Year

It’s helpful to stay clued in on deals throughout the year so that you can jump on them when they come about. The best thing you can do is sign up with a site or e-mail list that sends new deals and promotions to your box.  

Everyone focuses on the winter holiday season, but there are some great springtime deals to be had as well. Retailers often roll out promotions for Easter and spring break. Check-in on some sites from time to time so that you are never out of the loop.  

Research the Best Time to Buy Laptops

These tips explain the best time to buy laptops. If you’re in the market for a new machine, put these tips to use. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more tips on buying the best technology you can find!

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