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Some Important Reasons Why Instagram Should Be Used for Your SEO

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world. It boasts a community of over 80 million users. Its fan base is constantly growing. A versatile and mainstream networking site could contribute immensely to the SEO efforts of any business or company trying to grow and make its presence felt online.

As far as Instagram is concerned everyone seems to be a professional photographer. More than 50 million pictures are shared every day on Instagram. As more and more people are coming to know about this unique photo-based platform they are incorporating Instagram in their way of life. You could use Instagram for promoting your brand thereby, increasing web traffic organically. Here are a few reasons why Instagram should be used for your SEO.

Helps in Boosting Brand Awareness

Instagram is a platform where an ordinary picture could be transformed with the help of vintage filters, as well as, effects. Moreover, hashtags are allowing users to effectively narrow down searches. On Instagram brands could create advertisements on a much more personal level.

Instagram is equally open to high-quality DSLR photos to the simple selfie. It welcomes all sorts of photos. You can easily create and maintain an Instagram account for your precise brand. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before joining Instagram.

First of all, you need to have the willingness to click pictures. You do not need to employ a professional photographer for doing this. You simply need to click pictures on your own provided you could produce high-quality pictures that boost your brand frequently. It is pretty obvious that the more natural the photos look; the better would be the response. It should not look like any advertisement as nobody would be interested in advertisements.

Find out if the brand that is being promoted is actually visually engaging spontaneously. In case it is not, you need to figure out an efficient way of incorporating it into your pictures. You could consider using the profile information for promoting your brand or company with a picture of yourself or a logo representing your precise brand. Include a link to your precise website. If Instagram users appreciate your content, they would try to learn more about it.

Effectively Aids in Managing the Posts’ Frequency

Spamming is never welcome and you must always keep that in mind. While using Instagram, keep track of how frequently you are posting pictures. If you are going on flooding the Internet with your pictures at every opportunity possible nobody is going to appreciate that. Try maintaining a proper schedule regulating when photos are to be uploaded instead of forcing and overdoing your brand on Instagram. This would prove to be quite effective and time-saving. Your profile should have quality images featuring your brand or products in a smart and appealing manner. It is a better idea to do that consistently and not jamming your profile with photos that make no sense.

Best Platform for Holding Photo Contests

An easy way of boosting your presence on the platform is by organizing a photo contest which would be necessitating contestants to use your specific products. This is truly an effective way of promoting your brand and also, interacting with your Instagram followers. By using a precise hashtag you could inform your followers regarding the photo contest maybe a few days in advance. Everybody participating in the event would automatically promote your brand. You could boost participation by offering winners enticing prizes. You would land up with more followers than you had ever before. When people are uploading their photos with the relevant hashtag, their followers would be noticing your brand and would like to take part in the activity.

Great for Engaging Audience and Promoting Organic Traffic

You could effectively engage your audience by using fun contests and quality pictures. Instagram is a wonderful platform for expressing creativity and sharing memories. If you have an eye-catching brand or product and wish to really make the most of the photo-sharing app, start replying to comments and staying involved and connected with your followers. Use hashtags just like you would be using SEO keywords. Consider terms and phrases that aptly describe your brand or product and use them effectively. Instagram is definitely the place to be in if you have a picture-worthy product.


Do not undermine the role of Instagram in promoting your brand. Instagram helps you to stay connected with millions of people and helps you to completely revolutionize the outcome of your brand or business.

Author Bio: Henry Connors is an SEO specialist who has recently taken to active blogging. He often advises his followers regarding effective ways of boosting organic traffic and increasing the number of Instagram followers. He has an impressive fan base and is an avid blogger.

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